Films with other stars
In chronological order. Click individual film title for detailed information.

Handlebars, 1933 (short, voice only)
Broadway to Hollywood, 1933 (Nelson’s debut in bit part)
Dancing Lady, 1933 (Nelson bit with stars Clark Gable and Joan Crawford)
Student Tour, 1934 (Nelson bit in college musical)
Rosalie, 1937 (Nelson, Eleanor Powell, Ilona Massey)
Let Freedom Ring, 1939 (Nelson, Virginia Bruce)
Balalaika, 1939 (Nelson, Ilona Massey)
The Chocolate Soldier, 1941 (Nelson, Risë Stevens)
Phantom of the Opera, 1943 (Nelson, Claude Rains, Susanna Foster)
Knickerbocker Holiday, 1944 (Nelson, Charles Coburn, Constance Dowling)
Make Mine Music, 1946 (Nelson in Walt Disney cartoon)
Northwest Outpost, 1947 (Nelson, Ilona Massey)