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Since Nelson Eddy’s death, considerable information about his life and career has become available to the EDDY FAMILY ASSOCIATION. The EFA bulletins for 1975 and 1976 contain the speech given at a reunion by Nelson’s half-sister, Virginia Eddy Brown.

Nelson Ackerman Eddy, born June 29, 1901 at Johnston, Rhode Island, died March 6, 1967 at Miami, Florida, shortly after being stricken during a performance. He was buried in Lot 8, Plot 89 at Hollywood (California) Memorial Park Cemetery, located at 6000 Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood, California — next door to Paramount Studios. A few months prior to his death, he had said he would continue singing “until I drop.” He was survived by his wife, Ann (Denitz) (Franklin) Eddy, born October 15, 1895 at Trinidad, Colorado, daughter of Philip and Julia (Isaacs) Denitz.

Nelson lived in New Bedford, Massachusetts during his younger years. In 1915, he and his mother moved to Philadelphia.

On January 19, 1939, he married Ann D. Franklin at Las Vegas, Nevada. She was the former wife of film director Sidney Franklin and had a son by this marriage, Sidney Franklin, Jr. The Eddys had no children.

Nelson was inducted posthumously into the Rhode Island Heritage Hall of Fame, located in Providence.


MD = Mayflower Descendant
PCLR = Plymouth Colony Land Records
PCR = Plymouth Colony Records
PVR = Plymouth Vital Records
SwVR = Swansea Vital Records
VR = Vital Records (Birth, Marriage, Death)

Direct Ancestors:
WILLIAM EDDYE, Vicar of Cranbrook, England. Born at Bristol, England, died at Cranbrook, County Kent, England, November 23, 1616. Married (1) at Cranbrook, November 20, 1587, to Mary Foster, daughter of John and Ellen (Munn) Foster. Mary died in July, 1611. Married (2) at Cranbrook, February 22, 1615/16 to Sarah Taylor, a widow. She died before February 5, 1639/40 when her will was proved.

SAMUEL EDDY, 10th child of William, baptized September 15, 1608 at Cranbrook, County Kent, England (Church Register). Died November 12, 1687 at Swansea, Massachusetts. Samuel migrated to Plymouth Colony in 1630 and removed to Swansea, Massachusetts by 1681. He was a tailor by trade. Samuel married at Swansea by 1637, Elizabeth “Savery” or more likely “Savory,” sister of Thomas Savory, because a land transaction (PCLR 2:2:111) refers to Eddy as “brother-in-law” (MD17:244-45) and (PCLR 4:311). Children of this marriage, born at Plymouth: John, December 25, 1637 (PCR 2:82); Zachariah, ca 1639 (PCR 2:112-13); Caleb, ca 1643 (PCLR 2:1:39); Obadiah, ca 1645; and Hannah, June 23, 1647 (PCR 8:4), no further record. Elizabeth died May 24, 1689 in her 82nd year “at the end of it” (Plymouth Church Records, Vol. I, p 265).

ZACHARIAH EDDY, son of Samuel, born 1639 (PCR 2:82); died September 4, 1718, leaving a will. Married (1) at Plymouth May 7, 1663, to Alice Paddock (PVR 663), born March 7, 1640, daughter of Robert Paddock (Padduck) and his wife Mary (Austin, pp. 187, 189), died September 24, 1692 at Swansea (SwVR 212). Married (2) after 1692 to Abigail (Smith) widow of Dermit (alias Jeremiah). She died, leaving a will dated January 2, 1720. (See also Torrey: “New England Marriages,” 1:242.)

JOSHUA EDDY, son of Zachariah, born February 21, 1680 at Swansea, Massachusetts (Plymouth Records). Died at Gloucester, Rhode Island November 13, 1768. Married at Swansea May 3, 1708 to Hannah Stevens. She died October 22, 1757.

BENJAMIN EDDY, son of Joshua, born March 5, 1709/10. Married Elizabeth (?) He died intestate. Barnard Eddy was administrator (Providence Probate, February 16, 1762).

JOSEPH EDDY, son of Benjamin, born ca. 1745. Died September 14, 1809 in his 64th year. Married at Providence (VR ?) June 10, 1766 to Phebe Eddy, daughter of Jeremiah and Elizabeth (Pierce) Eddy.

GEORGE EDDY, son of Joseph, died (per Providence Gazette) June 21, 1821, age 47. Married Nancy Annie (Salisbury), daughter of Nathan & Abigail (Stone) Salisbury. She died January 22, 1822, at age 52.

DARIUS EDDY, son of George, born May 20, 1813. Died at Johnstown (VR) May 16, 1896. Married (1) Susan Remington. Married (2) at Burrillville, Rhode Island October 31, 1839 to Esther Ann (Irons), daughter of Elisha and Hannah S. Irons. She died May 25, 1906 at Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

ISAAC NELSON EDDY, son of Darius, born May 19, 1848 at Johnston, Rhode Island. Married August 4, 1872 at Johnston, Martha Perry Gardiner who was born October 13, 1852, daughter of William H. and Charlotte (Read) Gardiner.

WILLIAM DARIUS EDDY, son of Isaac, born November 18, 1875 at Johnston, Rhode Island. Died November 3, 1968 at Providence, Rhode Island.

Married (1) at Philadelphia December 23, 1899 to Isabel Kendrick, born in Atlanta, daughter of Caroline Ackerman Kendrick and her former husband (not otherwise identified.) Isabel and William divorced in 1917 and she did not remarry. Isabel died in Hollywood, California, December 20, 1957, and is buried next to her son Nelson in Hollywood Cemetery.

Child of William Darius Eddy by first wife: Nelson Ackerman Eddy, born June 29, 1901 at Johnston, Rhode Island.

Married (2) at Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York, to Marguerite Elliott, born April 9, 1892, daughter of John Henry and Virginia (McCarty) Elliott of Gouverneur, New York.

Child of William Darius Eddy by second wife: Martha Virginia Eddy, born February 21, 1926 at Newport, Rhode Island. Martha married on April 21, 1949 at Pawtucket, Rhode Island to John Lloyd Brown, born March 26, 1923 at Central Falls, Rhode Island, son of John W. and Hannah Josephine (Brown) Brown of Pawtucket.
Children and Grandchildren of Virginia Eddy Brown:

Wayne Linton Brown, born November 15, 1952, Providence, Rhode Island. Wayne married June 19, 1976 to Joyce Olsen, daughter of M/M Henry A. Olson of Lincoln, Maine.

Christopher Nelson Brown, son of Wayne and Joyce (Olson) Brown, born January 19, 1978 at Bangor, Maine.
Elliott Eddy Brown, born September 5, 1959


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