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Nelson received an honorary Doctor of Music degree from Temple University on April 27, 1950. Here he is congratulated by the University president, Dr. Robert L. Johnson as his beaming wife, Ann, looks on. Eddy was the fourth to receive of this honor. Previous recipients were Ephram Zimbalist, 1947; Richard Crooks, 1948; and Eugene Ormandy, 1949.

Eddy told the audience that he would rather receive this honorary degree than a Hollywood “Oscar.” He also outlined a four-fold career plan for the students. “First, take inventory of your capabilities and possibilities….Second, Develop those capabilities and possibilities to the fullest….Third, project what you learn to others….Finally, make an honest attempt to help others along the same path.”

(Afterwards, a University official said in a letter of appreciation that the students’ reception of Nelson had exceeded those for the University’s most recent guests: President Eisenhower, Ralph Bunche of the U.N., commentator Lowell Thomas, and author James Michener.)