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Not everyone knows that Nelson Eddy loved to paint and sculpt. Most pieces were given to his friends, and many have been lost. Now, Helen Crawford of Claremont, California is eager to create an index of his surviving pieces and their current owners. Her dream is to inspire a gallery to present a showing of Nelson’s work. Here are some examples. (If you have an Eddy painting, drawing, or sculpture and would like to submit a photo, I’d love to add it to this page.)

THE FLOWER GIRL, 9″ high. Nelson said he used a favorite photo of his wife Ann when she was in her early 20s as inspiration for this piece. (The roses in the hair apparently were added after the above photo was taken.)

ANNA MAY WONG, 20″ high, plus base.

Copy in the collection of Helen Crawford. Photo courtesy of Helen Crawford.

HORSE, 16″ high, plus base.

Original in the collection of Helen Crawford. Photo courtesy of Lea Chance.

EDOUARD LIPPÉ. Dr. Lippé was Nelson’s principal vocal teacher for many years.

Currently owned by Harold Price who was a good friend of Dr. Lippé. Photo courtesy of Elsa Dik Glass.

GALE SHERWOOD, 15″ x 20″. (Gale was Nelson’s nightclub partner in the 1950s and 1960s. Damage, caused by being hung near a heat vent, has since been repaired by a professional restorer.)

Original in the collection of Helen Crawford. Photo courtesy of Lea Chance.

SELF-PORTRAIT, 15″ high plus 2″ base. Reproduction. Original is believed to have been made in 1940. From the collection of Diane Flaherty.

W.S. VAN DYKE. Nelson sculpted his director on the set of New Moon.

Many known pieces of Nelson’s artwork appear to be lost and still others are waiting to be found. If you can provide any information on the whereabouts of Nelson’s artwork, please contact me by email or:

Helen F. Crawford
385 Taylor Street
Claremont, CA 91711