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Permanent Nelson Eddy Collection Established At U. Of Colorado

A new Nelson Eddy Archive has been established at the American Music Research Center, College of Music, at the University of Colorado at Boulder.  This major permanent collection will house donations of collections of his music and memorabilia. Current donations are being inventoried. As soon as a body of material is ready, a small rotating Nelson Eddy display will be presented in a public area. As more materials are received, the display will grow.

Those interested in more information or in making a donation should contact Laurie Sampsell, 1-303 492-3929. The collection is under the supervision of Dr. Thomas Riis who is on sabbatical for the academic year of 1998-99.

Other Nelson Eddy Archives

Nelson’s meticulously annotated scores (some with his caricatures sketched in the margins) are at:

Occidental College Music Library
1600 Campus Road
Los Angeles, CA 90041
1-213 259-2942  (Deborah Smith, Music Librarian)

Nelson’s scrapbooks of reviews, photos, and concert programs, mostly compiled by his mother, are at:

Doheny Music Library
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0182
213 740-7610  (Richard Comstock, Librarian)