Alphabetical list of her 30 feature films plus shorts.
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Annabelle’s Affairs, 1931 (Jeanette, Victor McLaglen)
Bitter Sweet, 1940 (Jeanette, Nelson)
Broadway Serenade, 1939 (Jeanette, Lew Ayres)
Cairo, 1942 (Jeanette, Robert Young)
Cat and the Fiddle, The, 1934 (Jeanette, Ramon Novarro)
Don’t Bet on Women, 1931 (Jeanette, Edmund Lowe)
Girl of the Golden West, The, 1938 (Jeanette, Nelson)
Hollywood on Parade (short), 1933 (Jeanette)
I Married an Angel, 1942 (Jeanette, Nelson)
Let’s Go Native, 1930 (Jeanette, Jack Oakie, Kay Francis)
Lottery Bride, The, 1930 (Jeanette, John Garrick)
Love Me Tonight, 1932 (Jeanette, Maurice Chevalier)
Love Parade, The, 1929 (Jeanette, Maurice Chevalier)
Maytime, 1937 (Jeanette, Nelson, John Barrymore)
Merry Widow, The, 1934 (Jeanette, Maurice Chevalier)
Monte Carlo, 1930 (Jeanette, Jack Buchanan)
Naughty Marietta, 1935 (Jeanette, Nelson)
New Moon, 1940 (Jeanette, Nelson)
Oh, For a Man!, 1930 (Jeanette, Reginald Denny)
One Hour With You, 1932 (Jeanette, Maurice Chevalier)
Paramount on Parade, 1930 (Jeanette, cut before release)
Rose Marie, 1936 (Jeanette, Nelson)
San Francisco, 1936 (Jeanette, Clark Gable)
Smilin’ Through, 1941 (Jeanette, Gene Raymond, Brian Aherne)
Sun Comes Up, The, 1949 (Jeanette, Lloyd Nolan, Claude Jarman Jr.)
Sweethearts, 1938 (Jeanette, Nelson)
The Firefly, 1937 (Jeanette, Allan Jones)
Three Daring Daughters, 1948 (Jeanette, Jane Powell, Jose Iturbi)
Une heure près de toi, 1932 (Simultaneously filmed One Hour with You in French, Jeanette, Chevalier)
Vagabond King, The, 1930 (Jeanette, Dennis King, Lillian Roth)
Veuve Joyeuse, La, 1934 (Simultaneously-filmed The Merry Widow in French, Jeanette, Chevalier)