– Her Family – Her Marriage – Her Husband, Gene Raymond

Jeanette’s father was a Philadelphia businessman and her mother a housewife. However, all three MacDonald children set their hearts on careers in the performing arts. Her eldest sister, Elsie (Mrs. Bernard J. Scheiter), was a pianist who eventually ran her own music and dancing academy. The middle sister, Blossom, toured in vaudeville in an act called “Rock and Blossom” with her husband, Warren Rock. In the 1930’s, Blossom played numerous supporting roles in films, billed as “Marie Blake” (the name of Jeanette’s character in “San Francisco”), most notably as the switchboard operator in the Dr. Kildare series. On TV, billed as Blossom Rock, Blossom was “Grandma” in “The Addams Family” series.

Though Jeanette and her husband, Gene Raymond, had no children of their own, Jeanette was close to her great niece, Elsie’s granddaughter Nanette.